Women in Fintech Summit - KaCyber

KaCyber Women in Fintech

Early Friday morning, teams of women in Financial Technology (Fintech) selected among 16 different companies gathered for the second season of women in fintech hackathon for seven days that was sponsored by HiPipo, Mojaloop, and other organizations, of course, the Queen techs of KaCyber also took part in the hackathon namely Nakisozi Mastulah Sarah, Nakacwa …

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Accelerate Smart Cities in Africa with KaCyber!

Smart Cities are cities that use digital technologies, for example, to improve the operational efficiency of a city, promote economic growth, or improve the quality of government services. This can include areas such as infrastructure, environmental measures, transport and mobility, health care, urban planning, and much more. Thus, smart cities and communities can play an …

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